Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

New Life

Over the weekend the American Robins in the nest atop the brick window alcove on our back patio hatched from their eggs. We can see them from the utility room window. They are small and cute. I know they face a lot of challenges, but I hope they do well. Both of their parents stay nearby, though they depart the nest more than I would have guessed.

Meanwhile, Glendover Pond is full of ducklings--more than I can remember seeing in one year on that pond.

I walked in Glendover Park and got back home just before the storm warnings began. The storms are expected here in less than an hour.

Saturday night we watched the "Frankie  Drake Mysteries." I recognized Honeysuckle Weeks as the guest star, and soon saw she played Agatha Christie. I liked her very much in "Foyle's War."  This episode mentioned the early Christie novel "The Secret Adversary."  I downloaded it from and began to read it. I cannot recall if I have read it before, but I will enjoy it either way,

If there are two camps, I am Camp Marple and not Camp Poirot. I suspect there is only Camp Marple.

I won a postal chess game by checkmate. This put my score so far at 3 out of 5. I am well behind in the 6th and final game, so I am likely to finish with symmetrical 3 wins, 3 losses.

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