Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

breakage and recording

Sunday morning I finished reading Selma Lagerloff's "The Treasure" in translation. I enjoyed this novella with fairy tale and mythic elements. I went for a walk at Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco. The walking path there now connects with some Allen walking paths, so that I was able to see travel a good bit further on the paths.  I had a misfortune along the way. My glasses fell from my face onto the ground. The frames got broken. Fortunately, I could still use them, and it is past time for new glasses anyway. I must dig up my backup pair until I 
can get new ones.

In the afternoon, I played in an informal chess match held on My club,the US Chess Federation Club, played a match against a similar club from Argentina.I was paired for two games with an opponent. I lost both games.

In the afternoon, I put together a set of spreadsheets for tax purposes. I finished the bulk of them, but I need to work on them further to tie some things down.

Near day's end, I went to Connemara Nature Preserve. I saw my first Yellow-Crowned NIght Heron of the year, which brings my Collin County count to 87.  In what has become an annual tradition, I am not seeing any warblers in Spring warbler season.

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