Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Playing better

I fell asleep early Friday night. When I woke, I had to hunt for my glasses.

Saturday morning I walked on the Watters Branch Trail. I counted 12 different bird species.  I took pictures of a green heron.

Saturday afternoon I entered my fifth on-line USCF chess tournament at The time control was game in 10 minutes per side.  My first opponent was an over-the-board national master whose blitz rating was 1800. I made my first move, 1. Nf3. My opponent failed to move. Ten minutes later I won due to expiration of the time control. I never heard whether my opponent had a technical issue or had been called away.
I would prefer to play than to win that way, but I would prefer for the other side to be making moves during the appointed time as well.

Unlike the prior tournament, I was happy with my play. My results were very ordinary--I won another game via checkmate, lost two games on time, and resigned from one game just before checkmate. I rarely lose G/10 games on time, but I did not mind that. I preferred that to moving too quickly and blundering. I will aim for the golden mean next time.

Beatrice and I walked for a long time in front of our home this evening.

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