Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Ratings and Reminiscence

Selma Langerlof's novella "The Treasure" ("Herr Arnes Penningar"), which I am reading, has proven to be a delightful story set in a world in which things happen. I'm well along with it now, and am glad I chose it to read.

Monday evening I played a lot of bullet chess on using the time control 2 minutes per player per game but 1 second gets added to the clock for each move one makes (so-called 2-1 time control). I got my rating up from an abysmal 800something over 1100 this week. Lag is less an issue at 2 1 than at 1 0. I also entered a blitz chess (5-0) USCF tournament on-line. This was my fourth official rated tournament. I did not play well, scoring 1 win and 5 losses. I either never or rarely have had such a poor result in a rated tournament. I figure this tournament, coupled with a mediocre result in the third tournament, will push my on-line blitz rating into the 1300s. I am not discouraged. I will work to improve that rating. I am still having fun, even if I wish I were having 1600 fun rather than 1300 fun. It's a bit like being a 5 handicap golfer and suddenly being a 15 handicap golfer. The game remains the same, but the 10 strokes somehow make a difference.   I am glad my regular rating is not affected by on-line blitz.

Yesterday I saw a Snowy Egret at Glendover Park. Also, I went at lunch to Timbers Nature Preserve. I saw a Greater Yellowlegs and some Lesser Yellowlegs. Seeing both spared me the problem of guessing which species a particular yellowleg might be. When both species are together, the height difference is easier to parse. I am in the 80s now on discrete Collin County bird species seen this year.

I heard from a friend that the wife of my late friend Tim died. I did not know her well, but I was sorry to hear of her passing. Their daughter must be a teen now, and I am sorry for her loss.  When I am playing chess, I remember nights in my teens and 20s playing chess against Tim. We were fairly evenly matched, and I remember those games fondly. Tim and I had grown apart in the last few year of his life.  I probably should have made a stronger effort back then.  

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