Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Vaccinated and Rated

I started reading a translation of the novella "The Treasure" by Selma Lagerloff.  So far I am just a few pages in, so I do not yet have a fixed impression about the story.

Yesterday I got up very early and drove to Fort Worth for my second vaccination of the Moderna vaccine addressing Covid-19.  As with my first vaccination, the entire process involved driving my car to checkpoints, until I reached the checkpoint in which a nursing student administered the shot. When I was  child I feared shots. I do not fear them now.

I had heard lots of anecdotes that the second Moderna vaccine affected many folks with some side effects. At first, I hoped to avoid that, But as the day wore on, I did experience some arm pain and also a good bit of weariness. I had set aside the day for some rest and walks. I will have to work today a bit to get ready for net week's work matters. I am glad to have the vaccination part done, and will be glad when the two weeks elapses.
The instructions were to combat side effects through activity, so I took a walk in Bethany Lakes Park. The duck species now that Wihter is over had reduced to two species: Mallard and Blue-Winged Teal. I enjoyed seeing all the Mallard ducklings in the little drainways just outside the park,'

As I finished my walk, I saw a Spotted Sandpiper, That is my 79th species sighting in Collin County,

I got my first provisional on-line rating back from trom the United States Chess Federation. I was impressed that I got an email letting me know that the first two tournaments (out of three I have played in so far) have been rated. I had predicted based on using ratings that my first rating would be 1550 to 1650.  But that thinking assumed that my opponents' ratings would be similar to their USCF ratings.
In fact,the USCF rating for those players were lower nearly across the board. This helps me account for my feeling that, with one exception, the "higher rated" players I played did not seem much, if any, stronger than my strength. My initial rating was 1434 after the first tournament, and fell to 1417 after the second. My third tournament involved losing 4 games and winning 2, with one draw, so my future rating is apt to fall below 1400,  I am fine with all that--it's good to start somewhere,

We watched a rather gritty episode of "Silent Witness" that may have cured us of the show. I do like the acting work by the actors who play the coroners,even though they repeatedly go beyond coroner work to do beat cop work and police detective work.

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