Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

No Prothonotary

This week someone posted a picture of a Prothonotary Warbler at the Heard Natural Science Center. They nest yearly there near the wetlands section of the Wood Duck Trail.  I drove there to see if I could see one. I had not been there since the pandemic began. I kept my mask on, as did many others.

I did see my first Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers of the year. This brings me up to 75 species in Collin County this year. I also walked a bit in Bethany Lakes Park. Most of the duck species beyond mallards were headed north already.  A man passed me with two dachhunds on leads. One had a little sign on its harness that say"Jack," while the other had a sign that said "Greta." I felt a little let down when next a father pulled a toddler on a plastic American Standard wagon without a name tag.

I shopped for bananas, apples and rice cakes at the Tom Thumb on Hedgecoxe.

I dropped off dry cleaning and picked up dry cleaning. I played some on-line chess, with wins and losses that in the overall sent my blitz rating to 1459. When I lost a few games in a row, I started using the King's Indian Attack That worked pretty well. I cannot say that the quality of my chess was stellar.

I watched GM Pia Cramling and he daughter Anna play a chess variant called "Hand and Brain."  The game is comprised of one team of two versus another. One team member is the "brain," who determines which piece to move  The other team member is then the "hand", who chooses the place to which the move is to be made.

I made it to the dry cleaners and dropped off and picked up. . We ate tri tip from Tri Tip Grill.  We  watched the documentary film  about David Foster,a complex man who produced a few artists whom I like quite well and a lot of artists whose sound is less to my taste. The part that struck me was his work with the band Chicago, in which he brought them to the top of the charts, but in the process took what was once an interesting experiment in mixing rock and cool jazz and turned it into elevator music. I liked that the documentary was blunt about the complexities of this fellow.

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