Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Joy Bubbles

Sunday I started at Allen Station Park and walked from there to the Cottonwood Creek Trail and back.  I listened to an Easter sermon from a United Methodist Church podcast. The pastor drew the text from the Book of John, and focused on the "I am" statements. Then I listened to a sermon by Christopher Liberati of the United Methodist Church of Willoughby, Ohio called "Joy Bubbles of Serving."  This sermon was recorded closer to Christmas than to Easter, but it featured themes I liked: the glee of a non-neuro-typical child playing a living nativity angel, another living nativity story about a daughter reminding her mother of the importance of their nativity tradition, and a woman whose self-important travels to "save the poor" in Jamaica left her impressed with and humbled by the people she thought she was to save, I saw my first Lark Sparrow for Collin County this Spring.

Since I stopped playing bullet chess, my blitz chess radically improved. I won 9 games in a row, before deservedly losing one to a stronger player.  Today I got into a draw in one, and won another despite being outplayed part of the game. I have two USCF postal chess games going. In one I am about to lose a pawn. The other is early days but going all right. I have one 3-day chess going on I thought I was in a drawn endgame, but now it looks like I am winning.

I re-watched part of "Almost Famous" on Sunday. Tonight I saw my first Collin County Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher of the year at Hoblitzelle Park.
Beatrice is more a senior dog than ever, but she likes her life.


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