Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

On being Mediocre Despite Years of Effort

Friday I got a lot done, which is not surprising given that I worked hard. I did get in a short walk after work in Hoblitzelle Park on the way home.
We ordered in Chinese from Tian An Mien Wok. I got the broccoli shrimp.

My sister called and brought me up to speed on some post-Winter-weather news. 

Last night I played some blitz chess at, and did not play very well. I played a couple of games this morning, and also did not play particularly well. But in the first game, I dropped my queen inexplicably, but decided to play on. Then the other side dropped the queen and resigned after allowing a king/rook fork by my knight. I remembered why I enjoy blitz chess, as reversals of fortune among mediocre players remains the norm. advises me that I am in the 89th percentile among its active blitz chess players. That is pretty good, but given the mediocre level of my play, not so impressive.

In one of my USCF webserver postal chess games, I offered an opponent a draw after the position became blockaded. He accepted. The position was pretty much level, but I wonder if I should have tried opening up lines for my rooks. I will plug the game into a chess engine and read its analysis. 

Today I may go into the office, and then saunter up Highway 78 to one of those Corps of Engineers parks on Lavon Lake.

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