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novella unlocked

I worked a solid day on Thursday. Friday involves more to do. I finished reading Dan Koboldt's book "Domesticating Dragons,", a near-future light novel with influences ranging from Heinlein to Crichton. I found it a good read. When I checked at, I saw promoted there a new novella by Aimee Ogden called Sun-Daughters, Sea-Daughters.  I purchased the book, as I felt in the mood for a novella rather than a novel. The novella did not disappoint, as I completed it this morning. Some of my favorite books are novellas, like James Hilton's "Goodbye, Mr. Chips." 

The news is concerned with the minimum wage act, the injuries to golfer Tiger Woods, and the aftermath of the riot event at our nation's capitol and the weather event here in Texas.

My on-line USCF chess games are all getting rolling. I think I will be more than a bit rusty,though I do solve puzzles regularly at

Yesterday at lunch I returned to the CVS drugstore in Sachse, just north of Garland for my second shingles vaccine shot. The shot once again involved some mild discomfort. The pharmacy at CVS had a separate door in which people were checking in for Covid-19 vaccine.

I am not yet eligible for that, as the priorities so far have not reached those who, like me, are under 65, in good health and not a first responder or teacher. I will wait my turn.

We fell asleep early last night. The rain fell nearly all night.

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