Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

webserver chess

I worked a bit late tonight.  I have a lot to do, which is a good thing. At lunch, I did get a quick walk in at Bradfield Park. The weather was warm, which is a huge change from one week ago today. I hear stories of storm ill effects I feel that the storm issues my wife and I had were so much less severe than the situation for so many people. The first two days, though, feel a bit like everyone and everything is digging out and catching up.

I entered a USCF postal chess tournament, played  via the ICCF webserver. My last postal tournament was in 2015. I am no longer as good as I once was at chess, and my peak was a full rating class below expert. But I like to play.

We started the new show "superman  and lois" but then switched to "This is Us." 

I talked to an old friend and learned that she just retired this past year.

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