Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Among the Buffalo Bison

I got up early on Tuesday and drove down to Houston on business. Thursday afternoon I drove home. I walked at the Northbound I-45 Walker County site.  I stopped at Buffalo, Texas for a take-out meal. I looked up "parks near me" using the Google maps application. I found that Shelley Pate Memorial Park was a few minutes' drive away.  This small park sits on an incline. A small paved path follows its outer edges. I walked there and counted 7 species of birds. To my surprise, given it was nearly dark, others were on the trail--a runner and two families. I liked that the sports team of Buffalo, a town of 1800 souls, is called the Bison..

Friday evening I walked on the Chisholm Trail after work. Friday night I had some things to address. One thing was a call from a man who bought a party barge from my father's estate  My family got that barge in the 1960s, when I was 5 years old or so. I remember catching my first fish on that barge, pulling it from the water with my cane pole, where the fish landed on the roof of the barge. My father refurbished the pontoons in the 1990s with the help of a machine shop. From then on, the barge was more hand-made than original manufacture. The purchaser was trying to supply the maker information for registration purposes. I found him the information, and we talked about past times. He told me of being a horse trainer up north. My own horse stories begin and end at riding my grandfather's horses once in a while when I was a teen.

Saturday I drove to Celebration Park and walked on the Celebration Pass Trail. I saw thirty bird species on this trail.  Saturday night we watched the Rick Korn documentary "Harry Chapin: When in Doubt, Do Something."  I knew some of this story, but found the documentary very informative and interesting.

Sunday I worked on laundry, cut my hair using a Braun electric hair clipper, and focused a bit on work matters. I spoke at length with my sister while I walked on the Cottonwood Creek Trail South with my headphones on. I reached the point when the trail descends south to Plano, and finally runs out at what I believe to be Oak Point Park. I saw 17 bird species, bringing my total for the month of January to 52 species. For part of my hike, I listened to a church service held in a Methodist church in Herefordshire in England. I liked the part when the minister was speaking, and one of the attendees on the Zoom call started talking with another attendee from the same household about tea. "Sounds like someone needs to mute thieir audio."  So they did.

I took Beatrice for a walk on our front sidewalk. The mild chill and more than light wind had returned.

Sunday evening we ate home-made chicken noodle soup and sourdough bread.

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