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Meetings and Parks

Sunday morning I attended one of the large WW meetings via Zoom. The switch to large meetings rather than regional meetings does involve some loss of interaction with others at one's regional meeting. But I like the convenience of being able to attend a meeting virtually any half an hour.  At 09:30, I attended another Zoom call with members of our local group. The local group plans to start resuming in-person meetings next Sunday. That is too early for me. I  plan to wait to begin attending live meetings until I feel better about the pandemic risks. Perhaps that time will come before I have had the vaccine, but perhaps not until I have had the vaccine.

On Sunday I walked at Allen Station Park. I saw a Brown Creeper there, actively creeping up a tree. I listened lose a football game on the radio as I walked in Story Park. While I walked around the school and open fields of that park, a man and a woman sat in the parking lot, while a young boy rode a motorized scooter (as in blade scooter, not small motorcycle) around the parking lot. I thought to myself that this was a Christmas gift at work. 

I put our Christmas tree out beside the back driveway for pick up tomorrow by the city.  We thought it a good tree. Later, my wife and I walked in Glendover Park.

I finished the weekend with my eBird species count for my county at 34 species. Last year I had 8 more species at this time, but each other year I had fewer.

I got some laundry done. I spent time with our dog Beatrice. I fell asleep early. It was a good New Year's.  A busy week lies ahead.

I follow the news a bit about the upcoming congressional hearings about the electoral votes for the election.
The media covered news of an effort to derail the Georgia vote that was real, while some senators plan to launch a more symbolic effort.

Even though the latest efforts to derail the vote are probably theatrical rather than real, I will be glad when Mr. Biden is installed as president and these anti-democracy efforts come to an end.

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