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Last night a cold rainstorm moved in. It kept dominion over the day. I drove through Breckinridge Park before work. I saw 110 Ring-Billed Gulls, 35 Canada Geese, 24 Great-Tailed Grackles and 4 American Crows. I worked hard  from a bit before 9 until 7.30 p.m. I was able to drive to grab some chicken soft tacos from Taco Bueno for lunch.

Tonight we dined on spaghetti and turkey and sauce. We used the little bluetooth speaker I got for Christmas to play songs--Kevin Kane's covers of "Our Lips are Sealed", "Borderland", and "Ashes to Ashes", the FauxKnow EP, and Frank Carter III's soul music.

I finished 2020 with 100 bird species in my home county, and 69 or  so in the country where I work. I avoided the virus so far--as near as I know.
I read some good novels, but fewer than I started the year intending to read.

But I ate a gingerbread man tonight, and that counts for something.

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