Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A Christmas Holiday

The 22nd and 23rd of December proved to be suitably busy days. On the 23rd after work I went to the Wylie post office just before it closed, and was pleased that the line was not long as I sent some letters to my two siblings. As I walked from the post office just before its 5 p.m. closing, a man with a box realized he had left his mask in his car, and hustled back to get it.

I then stopped at Bethany Lakes Park in Allen, I walked and noted all the ducks, though a bitter wind made my stay there briefer than I would prefer.

I had originally intended to take Christmas Eve off work, but ended up taking part of the afternoon off from work after a vigorous morning of working (from home) that also took the first part of my afternoon.  Then I drove to Limestone Quarry Park, where I enjoyed a nice walk despite a chill wind. I also drove and walked for a bit at Russell Creek Park, where hundreds of ducks floated in the water while the wind blew with a strong force. I saw two Ruddy Ducks--species 100 for 2020 for me to list in Collin County.
I went to Kohl's at Custer and McDermott to supplement my Christmas shopping. The lines were not bad. The mask use was universal. The social distancing was appropriate. I found a few items, and made my way out. I used the internet for some more shopping,which went well.

In the late afternoon, we drove to my brother and his wife's new home 4.5 miles from us in Fairview. We left presents on the porch and stood a long way from the home so that we could all say a properly socially distanced "hello and Merry Christmas." I was glad to see them in person again.

My wife and I ate steak, potato and broccoli for Christmas Eve. We watched a charming 2019 movie "The Feast of the Seven Fishes", whose 1983 setting reminded me of my own professional-school-age days.

On Christmas Day morning, I walked from our home on the Ridgeview Trail in Allen. I saw 21 different species of bird, and got some workable photos of Dark-Eyed Juncos.  At 1 p.m. we had a Zoom call with my wife's step-mother's family.  They are very nice people, all of them Soon thereafter, we ate a turkey that we bought herbed by Elke's Cafe but which we roasted. The turkey proved very good. We went to the Cinemark Allen parking lot and walked on the Cottonwood Creek Trail.  We enjoyed that walk.

We ate turkey leftovers for dinner. We watched the Christmas special episode for 2020 of "Call the Midwife." We kept an eye on Beatrice, whose very advanced age means that we have to work to make sure that we monitor her personal restroom timing. We opened the few presents we exchanged and received, which worked out nicely.  We called my father's widow, and had a lovely chat with her.

We had a merry Christmas, indeed.

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