Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

fewer addressses than needed

Friday the 18th I got home from work at a reasonable hour. Saturday morning I drove to the Connemara Meadow Preserve near our home. There I saw lots of bird species, though none added to my annual list. I also walked at Story Park in Allen. I got some on-line Christmas shopping done.

Sunday I attended an on-line WW meeting. Then some local folks I know from my now-disbanded meeting met for a smaller-group WW meeting. I watched the church service at my church at 11 a.m. I liked that they sang Christmas carols I like, like "In the Bleak Midwinter."  In the afternoon, I walked along the Cottonwood Trail South and also on the Mustang Trail. The weather turned bleak on the cusp of Winter, but then cleared again.

I ordered some gifts for my nephew and his significant other, and went to Target to pick them up Sunday evening. My wife and I watched "The Sound of Music" Sunday evening. I like that movie, an annual tradition of my childhood. Even its problematic sections seem less problematic in this season.  I also belatedly designed a holiday card, and arranged to pick a set of cards up at Wal-Greens this evening.

Tonight I addressed a set of cards, finding, as is often the case, that I only have a percentage of the addresses that I would use if I had all the addresses in the world. I remain glad that Christmas has 12 days. We watched a Christmas special with the singer Michael Martin Murphy. I like his main hit, "Wildfire."

It features things I can understand, like cold Nebraska nights, ghost horses, Hoot Owls and crops planted at midnight that fail due to a killing frost.

We have been enjoying the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn, which tonight, Solstice Night, had its nearest approach. I wish the various lens I have here did the viewing justice. Alas, I donated my last large telescope away 20 years ago.

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