Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Colder December

Friday I worked until 9 p.m. and then drove home, with my task completed after a bit of waiting. 

In the wee hours of Saturday morning I woke up and watched the movie "Downsizing,: This somewhat high-concept gimmick comedy had a good moral, and was a pretty good watch.

Saturday I drove to Brockdale Park near Lake Lavon. I hoped to see the Merlins which an Audubon Society member said had begun their Winter appearance there. But I saw instead a different set of species, including a raptor too indistinct to identify, but who was not a Merlin.  I also walked in Story Park, after a stop at Bethany Lakes  Park revealed a full parking lot. I try to avoid crowds during the pandemic. I instead went to Story Park, which routinely delivers a lack of crowds. I ate a lunch of fish at Chicken Express.  During my walks, I listened to a recording of the podcast host Gretchen Rubin reading "A Christmas Carol."   I thought how Ignorance and Want are a bit like Tom Bombadil in two respects:  both interludes seem grafted on to other stories, and yet both interludes express in short passages a lot of the themes of the works in which they appear.

Saturday evening we ate chicken enchiladas as well as a lovely apple crostini my wife prepared. I am not a bit apple pie person, but the crostini was very good. 

I had a "secret mixter" remix to do. I downloaded a number of songs by user Radioontheshelf and created a pastiche kind of song using Audacity. I used to use Magix commercial software, with which I was well-pleased, but Audacity has also worked out well for me. I seem to like best software that is either user-friendly or prosumer better than the more complex software. The only thing I need to do with Audacity a bit better is to make sure I attach all my effects plug-ins.  I completed the song. Then we watched an episode from Season 3 of the Marvellous Mrs. Maisel.

Sunday morning I attended one of the new "large group" virtual meetings on WW. On the one hand, I missed, a bit, the local folks from my local group, and our local leader. On the other hand, the large group was conveniently scheduled, and the leader did well. Some 120 people attended, whereas my local group averaged 20 to 25. I do feel badly for the local leaders, who in essence lost an income source when their role was cut back only to live meetings again. I am not ready for live meetings yet.

Sunday the weather went from the merely chilly of Saturday to chilly with a light rain. I was reminded, a bit of those southern California Winter rains. The weather forecast always accurately predicted those storms, because they came in directly from the ocean with no possibility of waiver. They never featured lightning or dark clouds, but merely a white sky and large droplets.  The rain in my part of Texas was similar, though there were darkish clouds.

I put on my rain jacket and walked in Allen Station Park. The rain let up a bit. I saw lots of White-Throated Sparrows and Dark-Eyed Juncos among a dozen or more species   Later in the day I walked in Bethany Lakes Park and in Green Park. I listened to some of the other remixes posted by other ccMixter members. They sounded good. I hope to listen to more this week until I have heard them all.

Sunday evening we had sweet potato and apple soup. I fell asleep during the Patrick Stewart Christmas Carol.

Monday the weather was better but still cold-ish. I walked at Noon in Timbers Nature Preserve in Murphy. I saw a Red-Shouldered Hawk in a tree. Our new associate had gotten sworn in as a lawyer in a ceremony in his hometown last weekend. I remember what an exciting time those days were, recalling my own first job in an older office building in downtown Dallas. I walked from our building to the Plaza of the Americas building, where I could buy for lunch a pre-prepared sandwich from a refrigerated box in a small store. I lost weight that Summer ,and bought a set of braces to go with my suits.

The first Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine received US approval. I will take the vaccine as soon as it is widely available. I notice that the same ambient music maker on my Twitter feed who posts the more outlandish Trump-favoring tweets also posted how in no event will he take the virus. The US death count, meanwhile, crossed 300,000. 

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