Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Passing and Vaccine

Monday at Noon I went to the CVS down the road from my work. I experienced a short wait. Then the pharmacist led me into a small treatment room. She asked me which arm I wished to use for my shingles vaccine and which arm for my influenza vaccine. I chose the right arm for the influenza vaccine.  Neither shot hurt very much. The shingles shot causes me a bit of discomfort--some fatigue and some weariness and a few funny tingles. But it is all pretty minor stuff.

Today at lunch I went to Breckinridge Park in Richardson. A gulp of Double-Crested Cormorants landed on the small park lake, to join the Ring-Billed Gulls there. A number of Great Egrets waded in the shallows.

Work has been busy so far this week. I'm not on a business trip, which has some advantages.

I read with puzzlement that the Texas Attorney General filed a suit on behalf of the State of Texas against several states that provide the electoral votes that will elect Vice President Biden as President.  I read the pleading, which looked meritless to me. I will be glad when this era is over, and my hope is that things will return more to normal.

I learned this evening of the passing of Harold Budd. I consider him a very interesting musical artist. I also liked the humility with which he approached his interviews.  I read that he grew up in Victorville, California. I flashed back to a time, over twenty years ago. I visited Victorville and went fishing in a pond in the middle of the desert. Dozens of other people fishing stood nearly shoulder-to-shoulder. I liked that image of desert and pond and humanity.

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