Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Pine Siskin

This morning I went for a walk in Glendover Park near our home. I liked the earful of Cedar Waxwings who flitted from tree to pond to tree to pond and back again.

I attended my WW (formerly Weight Watchers) meeting via Zoom. Today the leader announced that local virtual meetings are being replaced with larger group meetings. The leader did offer an alternative. If 15 of our 25 attendees asked to go back to live meetings, they could consider a live meeting. I opted not to make such a request, as I think it is too soon for 20-some-odd folks to come from different households and gather in a small room when a virtual meeting works very well. I will miss our virtual meeting, but I will keep an open mind about the large virtual meetings. I hope that the virus vaccine makes all this a memory soon.

I walked on the Cottonwood Creek Trail South, just off Felt Drive in Allen. I saw a number of species of bird. I saw one bird that was a finch with yellow on its side--the Pine Siskin. This marked my 99th discrete species here in Collin County. I read later that this year is an irruption year for this species.  I saw that just south of Chapparal Drive is another trail in Plano. I must try that someday.

The sign on the local Christmas Tree lot advised that its trees were from Michigan. I read about Texas Christmas Tree farms, and the use of a species unfamiliar to me called Afghan Pine.

Yesterday marked the seventh anniversary of my father's passing from this life. I miss both my father and my mother.

I picked up lunch at Panda Express and ate it in my car.  I worked during the afternoon a bit. At the end of the afternoon, I went to little Green Park and walked until near dark. At home, we ate oven-roasted chicken and Yukon Gold potatoes. I logged in my sightings today to eBird.
The eBird tells me I am 40th in terms of species sighted all time, but a bit higher up the list when it comes to this year.

Today I took Beatrice outside a number of times. She was a good dog today.

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