Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Voting against RVs

Saturday I early voted at the Allen ISD Services Building. The process took 17 minutes. The only disappointment was the lack of an "I Voted!" sticker.  This election feels very important to me.

An old friend emailed me over the weekend, reminding me of the joys of pen and ink stamped letters. I have two such letters to which to respond from two other folks.

The weather has turned a bit cooler but not cold--a typical October time. This year only the weather feels typical.

Our dog Beatrice is still going strong despite her old age.

I feel the need for another lake weekend. Perhaps we can line up a cabin somewhere.

I watched a show about people searching for RVs to buy. I liked the show, but developed no craving for RVs.

I read of a woman who was found after 2 weeks of being lost and injured at Zion National Park. I am glad she was found alive.

Yesterday at A.R. Schell Park I kept not getting a good luck at a warbler, but finally did get  good look in the same tree at two Ruby-Crowned Kinglets.

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