Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Into the Sea

Saturday and Sunday I met my goal of getting work done, home chores done, and getting some local walks in. I accomplished a fair bit but hoped to accomplish more.  At least I have a somewhat neater car to show for it, as well as some tasks moved forward. 

Saturday I walked in Glendover Park and then walked over to Green Park. I listened to podcasts in Green Park. Two podcasts about the County of Suffolk in England discussed the town of Dunwich.  Dunwich was a major harbor town many centuries ago with 3,000 citizens, when 3,000 was a large town indeed. But conditions changed. Eventually, even its churches slipped into the ocean due to cliff erosion. Brian Eno grew up 23 miles away. Dunwich now has 80 or so residents.

I listened on the TuneIn radio station application to the Arkansas Razorbacks' win over Mississippi State in college football. This ended a long win drought for the team, so I was pleased to hear this result.  The local Dallas Cowboys football team on Sunday fared more poorly, having a very poor defensive showing once more.

Sunday I walked on the Cottonwood Trail, near the movie theater and again in Glendover Park.

The weekend featured two news stories. One story centered around the Covid-19 outbreak at the White House. Yesterday the President of the United States encouraged Americans not to fear the disease, though 200,000+ have died of the disease in 8 months. I hope that all recover in good shape. The recent events included the White House Press Secretary arguing she could be maskless because she had been tested. Then she, too, tested positive.

The other story dealt with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Seven members of his executive staff signed a letter suggesting he has engaged in criminal wrongdoing. Despite losing the confidence of the heads of many of the sections in his office, he advises so far that he will not resign. I have no idea if he has been in the wrong this time or not, though the facts known to me (appointing a special prosecutor from outside the agency to investigate a search warrant issued by the federal authorities and state securities officials as to an embattled donor) sound unseemly. Rather than a culture of responsibility, we seem to have a culture of impunity.

A woman in Lucas wrote to ask me if she could use a photo of winecup flowers on the Trinity Trail near Lucas in a website opposing a Lucas ballot measure. I probably support the ballot measure, a public broadband proposal. But I gave her permission to use the photo.

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