Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Straight-line Winds

Sunday evening a surprise storm sauntered in from the east. The wind blew up to 60 miles an hour. Our trees were spared, but many neighbors lost a branch or even a tree.  Our decision years ago to use Crape Myrtles rather than large trees looks like a good one. The storm broke a spell of 105 degree F. days, a bit warm if not entirely unseasonal for us.

I remain busy at work, but plan to take a day off soon.

Last night in our backyard I saw a Brown Thrasher, which makes bird number 88 in this year's county list. I may not reach 100 species, though I have done so for the past five years, but we'll see.

Beatrice enjoys three meals a day from a canned food called Aging Care. She seems to be fairly
doing well, though signs of old age abound.

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