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summerland and another 8 12

Wednesday I celebrated my 61st birthday. I heard from folks. I worked a solid day. I opened a couple of welcome gifts.

Thursday and Friday I worked on work matters. Friday I had a frustrating situation after connecting to Zoom, and then learning the connection had been lost. I sorted it out, but it was frustrating to have technology fail me--technology is usually my close friend.

Saturday and Sunday I alternated hard work and relaxing walks. Saturday night my wife prepared a special meal of shrimp, with a dessert of a light blackberry cobbler.  The temperature is very hot this week--almost like the hot Summer we largely missed this Summer. The pandemic
continues to spread here, so we are all about the masks and distancing.

Saturday morning, after I took a quick walk in Glendover Park, my wife and I drove in separate cars to Stonebriar Mall. She had gotten me a new watch after the band on my Citizen Watch proved more expensive to repair than buying a new watch. I had to had the band sized down a bit.

But when we arrived at 10 a.m., we learned that the mall did not open until 11--a Covid change. My wife headed off to her 11 a.m. hair appointment. I went to Russell Creek Park to take an hour's walk.  I

When the mall opened, I was very impressed with universal mask use and liberal social distancing. The only exception was palpable. When I crossed through a JC Penney to get to my car, I saw a line of masked people waiting to check out, perhaps 10 in a space of 20 feet. I made a wide beeline.

Saturday night we rented and watched the Jessica Swale film Summerland. We enjoyed it very much. A World War Two blitz-era movie makes even a global pandemic seem less stressful.

I walked today on the Mustang Creek Trail in Allen. I saw three Snowy Egrets and a young Great Egret, as well as a Yellow Warbler. My overall annual bird count is my county is still a bit low, at 87, but I am able to add a Black-Chinned Hummingbird I saw on Thursday.

The current political debate is about funding the post office. I believe very much in post offices, city parks, state parks, national parks, public walking and cycling paths, and public libraries.

I forgot to go look at the Perseid meteor shower this year.

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