Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

BBC and mail art

Spent all night riding on the plane from SF back to Dallas.
During the layover in Vegas, managed to kill the hour
playing nickel slots, a pastime I vaguely disapprove but
constently pursue during Vegas layovers. When we land in Dallas, just after midnight, the weather is bone-cold; just a few hours before, I was seeing a camellia in bloom in the SF Financial District.

The Dallas public radio plays the BBC every night after
midnight. For some reason, Dallas always seems to look east across the water rather than west, while Fort Worth, not forty minutes away, is a solidly a "western town". The BBC religion
series had an expose about the trial of the German satanists,
and the popular hysteria/cult appeal of "satanism".
The part I get is that the German court sentenced the couple to fifteen years for murdering a friend in the name of ritual;
the part that's hard to get is how we have to get to
this type of murder to see a problem looming here. I'm always mistrustful when violence becomes chic, and I see too many kids too absorbed in kind of retro fascism disguised as something hip.
I should say something pious about being doomed to repeat history, but I'd rather just see folks not do this kind of stuff.

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