Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

State Park Memory

Last night I worked quite late, and did not get to take a walk in the evening. A Facebook memory reminded me that three years ago my friend Gene and I went to Robbers' Cave State Park in the San Bois Mountains in Oklahoma. I had been there at age 12 or so during a family vacation. My father had not been able to join us on that vacation. But my Uncle Ivan, my Aunt Virginia and my cousin Morgan did--perhaps my cousin Bill as well, but my memory is imperfect on that. I have a recollection of this being my first time to paddle a kayak, on a clear lake. When we revisted the park in 2017, the vintage nature of everything stood out. The park had a feel of decades ago. The cave is very small, by the way, and less high up than I recalled from childhood.

We watched Season 1, Episode 2 of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I felt a day older when I realized that Marin Hinkle is years younger than I am. But age is just a thing.

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