Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Forster's Tern

I've been working on some paperwork this evening, after earlier having a breast and wing, broccoli, corn tortillas and charro beans from the take-out window at El Pollo Loco. We watched the show on PBS today about the family trying to recreate a 1900-era Welsh fishing village experience. The hard nature of that life, combined with the less-favorable waters for fishing today, made the whole business seem difficult.

I got out early and walked in Glendover Park, where I saw 12 different species of bird. August is supposedly the slow month in our birding calendar, with only a bit of early migration and nesting largely wrapped up. But I like walking and seeing birds in August. Our Glendover Park pond lacked any ducks today--the Mallards tend to move over to another park in August, after apparently eating the local forage. They show up again in late September or so. The two domestic mallards also left--I suspect that they followed the rainwater upstream to the Twin Creeks duck pond. After all,they may have come from there at the beginning of their sojourn in our pond.

One of the Audubon Society members posted on Facebook that he had seen migrating shorebirds at Brockdale Park in Lake Lavon. When I arrived there in the late morning, I found that I had not brought along my camera. I had my binoculars, though, which helped me see my first Forster's Tern of the year. I only saw three species on this visit, which is quite low. I kept hearing a bunting singing in a tree, but never getting a look at it.

I decided to walk in Spirit Park near our home. This park is of recent construction. I used to bicycle by it when it was an empty field. The ballfields there were largely empty. Two older fellows sat at a distance on a park bench, each wearing a mask. A father and his children played on the swing-sets. I walked around the park a few times, past largely open fields and a bit of Watters Creek. I saw ten species of bird there. Then I went to small Green Park and saw six more species.

I remembered how Friday evening we ordered delivery from Tian An Mien wok. I tipped the young man when he brought the food. A few moments later, he rang the doorbell. He told me that my wife had already tipped when making the order and returned my tip. I appreciated his integrity.

I read a few pages of Sofia Samatar's "A Stranger in Olondria."  I prefer my books in 250 to 300 ebook page increments rather than 640, but it is holding my interest quite well.

I saw that more of my music is on Spotify now, after Lee Rosevere posted the songs from our collaboration. Maybe someday I will write
30 3-minute melodies and release them for streaming without a Creative Commons license. Those licenses are my favorite, but they do nto work well with the terms of service of Youtube and some other outlets. That is an issue that Creative Commons should have addressed, in my view, with a streaming-service-friendly and artist-friendly license. But it remains largely unaddressed.

I started a new chess game with a 3 day time control at This time I am defending a Caro-Kann Defense. I used to play that defense regularly. We'll see if I remember any of the moves..

I attended my virtual Weight Watchers meeting. I was down a bit. I reread one of my favorite poems, Edna St. Vincent Millay's "Recuerdo." from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice

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