Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Adoptive and Retired

Right now every day is a busy day. But usually it's a good busy.

One Summer miracle at our park comes in quantities of wild Mallard ducks. The mother duck this year managed to raise 8 ducklings  to near-maturity. Usually the local coyotes and bobcat and even a Great Blue Heron make it harder to bring this many so close to adulthood. Tonight I saw the two new domestic mallards swam with the nearly-grown-ducks. I hope this helps them get along.

This morning a Xena Warrior Princess Marathon played on cable television. I just realized that my walk tonight in Glendover Park caused me to miss this week's Frankie Drake Mystery. That's too bad.

My first cousin once removed Steve retired today. Steve is a wonderful man, He worked as an engineer for 41 years, all spent at a grand total of two companies. I plan to work a bit before I retire. But I wonder how long I will work.

Tomorrow I attend to business in downtown Dallas. When I last visited in late March, downtown felt like a zombie town, only a zombie town with utility repair personnel at work. I will see what I see tomorrow.

I enjoy reading Sofia Samatar's "A Stranger in Olondria." I'm about 15% in.

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