Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Meadow Walk

Sunday I walked in Connemara Meadow Preserve a few miles from our home. I saw 15 bird species and some dragonflies. I did not add to my Collin County annual species count, which surprises me a bit. I figured I might have added an Indigo Bunting and a Baltimore Oriole.

I read 40 more pages of Sofia Samatar's "A Stronger in Olondria."  I won the white side of a Stonewall Attack Opening in a three-day time control daily game at The other side had made it into a double-stonewall formation, after which I pushed at c4 to make the formation resemble Karpov's handling against the Dutch Stonewall. I started another game against an opponent who started from the same defense but is now making better moves.

My current ratings:
blitz rating: 1458
puzzle rating; 1817
3-day rating: 1162 (though I am 4 out of 4 in that format)
Puzzle rush rating: maximum puzzles solved in five minutes: 20
Average puzzles solved per session: 15.8
I lack the familiarity to assess how well my ratings compare with my regular over the board United States Chess Federation rating.

I got some work done yesterday afternoon and evening, as well as some laundry. I went to my Weight Watchers virtual meeting.  Saturday night we had driven to the Trinity Trail trailhead to see if we could see comet Neowise, but what we saw was so faint, even in binoculars, I do not know if we saw it at all.  I wish we had gone to the "other" trailhead of Trinity Trail nearby, where there is less light pollution.

Beatrice and I started Sunday morning with a short walk. She enjoyed it, but her walks do not go all the way around the pond anymore.

A Dallas high school has just decided to change its name from John Tyler to another name. It is hard to understand why any high school was ever named John Tyler.

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