Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Changes and Puzzles

I kept a solid pace up once more on Friday. I feel glad to be able to take a breather part of this weekend. I read an article that nearly half of all law schools host students who face job offer withdrawals. I imagine the hypothetical in which this happened at the time of my law school graduation in 1984.

When I started law school in 1981, the nation experienced the the 1981-82 recession. At that time, the Federal Reserve classed this as the worst economic downturn in the United States since the Great Depression. The Great Recession of 2007-2009 erased that mark, and the current pandemic recession looks likely to far exceed the 1981-1982 mark. By the time I finished law school in 1984, most of my classmates got jobs, as the local legal market offered good employment rates albeit at low salaries. But the idea of, say, getting a job in a pretty good economy in January 2020 and then getting it withdrawn amid a pandemic and recession in April sounds hard for new graduates.

i liked my law school classmates. I probably stay in touch with fewer than I should, though I stay in touch with a good few Sometimes the introvert in me feels sorry that I lose touch with people unless I make the effort to stay in touch.  I felt disappointed a few years back when few attended a reunion event in Little Rock. I understood why--they almost all lived in the local area, and saw the folks they knew from school regularly anyway.

I thought today about the fictional school Brookfield in James Hilton's "Goodbye, Mr. Chips."  I am fond of that novella. But Brookfield lacked diversity. I always liked that description that snobbish people would say that they rather thought they'd heard of it.

I like my masks, but I feel I need a larger collection. Etsy, my main resource, lists too many now for ease of finding one.

Last night I went for a walk by the Cinemark Theater and the Cottonwood Creek Trail. The weather proved hot and a little sticky. In other words, it's July. The Tex Mex place Papa Lopez got my order wrong, providing take out of one two-enchilada dinner instead of two enchilada dinners.

I solved chess puzzles on last night for a goodish while. I like that chess puzzles teach me that even when I get a sequence wrong, if I pay attention I can soon start getting them right.

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