Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Starting On My Way to Olondria

Yesterday I finished the travel sketch book "Not Quite Lost" by Roz Morris. I enjoyed that book very much. The author shares my love for out-of-the-way places. Yesterday I began a new novel, Sofia Samatar's "A Stranger in Olondria.".

This morning I woke up early and solved chess puzzles on My early results today were poor. Then I went on a winning streak. I finished with my puzzle rating at 1833.

I am playing another 3-day-time-control game, in which what started as my Stonewall Attack transposed into something a bit odder. We'll see how that goes.

Work remains busy.  I spoke with a lawyer at a another company who is switching jobs. I am happy for him and wish him well.  It is a little life-affirming that careers progress for some folks in this time of virus crisis.

Work remains very busy right now. I still hope to take a nice walk or three on Saturday.

Beatrice is in fine fettle. She remains a very good dog.

Right now the Johnny Depp libel trial against the Sun newspaper in the UK interests me. I think the merits of the case are something better addressed when all the evidence is in.  I tried to find some pithy sentence to say about the trial so far, but my pith is on pause.

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