Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Keene variation

Beatrice has her appetite back. All is almost right with the world. We did learn yesterday of sad news. Beatrice's best canine friend is Diva. But we learned that Diva passed away in May. Diva was a spirited Lhasa Apso. We are sorry to learn she passed away. Her owners have a new rescue Lhasa Apso named Jake. I look forward to meeting Jake.

Today at lunch I walked in Bradfield Park. Then I went to lunch at Golden Chick. While I waited for my order, I saw a fledgling Northern Mockingbird in a small tree, calling for its food, not six feet away. I saw its parent bring it a worm. The fledgling ate the worm. Then it immediately called for more. The parent flew away, apparently ready to oblige.

Our office building had a mechanical issue today down the hall. Hopefully it will be repaired.

We ate spaghetti tonight with meat sauce. We walked in Allen Station Park after dinner. I took a photo of a Neon Skimmer dragonfly.

I won one of my 3-day time control games. I played the Keene variation defending a King's Gambit Declined. I did not remember many of the moves in that variation, but I remembered enough to come out a pawn ahead, and then a piece ahead and then somehow a queen ahead.

I watched once again the second half of the movie "The Adjustment Bureau." 

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