Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Count to 85

Today I got up very early.  I got work done both early morning and mid-afternoon. I felt glad to put the time in today. I also took a morning walk in Glendover Park. I saw 14 bird species and a handful of dragonfly species.

I solved some more chess puzzles, at, moving my rating to 1735. I am playing an interesting game at 3 days/move time control in which I am defending a King's Gambit Declined Keene Variation position.

I read a good bit more of Alice Thompson's "The Exisential Detective", a literary novel and a mystery. I enjoy it so far, as I usually do with book from the small press from the UK called Salt Publishing.

In the afternoon, I walked in Bethany Lakes Park when I was not working. I saw a Snowy Egret among 17 species. The Snowy Egret marked my 85th Collin County species. Due to staying nearer home at parks with very low attendance, my Spring birding included fewer Collin County species than in past years. The same reason, by the way, means I have more Dallas County species at this point in the year than I usually have all year--64 so far. The Cornell eBird site changed its look and feel to make some kinds of searching and comparison easier. I like the feature that shows one how one's count through x day of the month or the whole month tracks with immediate prior years. Friday my 64th Dallas County species was the White-Breasted Nuthatch at 111 Ranch Road Park in Garland.

Beatrice has fully recovered from her bout of upset stomach. That makes me happy. She is a fine old dog.

I saw a Swift Setwing, I think, at Bethany Lakes. I posted it on iNaturalist, and we'll see if anyone agrees.

I drove to San Miguel to pick up dinner for us. We like that Tex/Mex place. Mask use was very good and universal, but their small entryway made social distancing more difficult.  I wish they had had a "bring to the car" option.

I had a good call with my brother and got some things mailed to my sister this week.

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