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TV Roundup

Last week I worked very hard on a few time-sensitive matters. Saturday I got up early. I worked from 6:20 a.m. until well after 11, and then picked it up again later in the afternoon. Saturday afternoon I walked from our home to Glendover Park to the East Rowlett Trail to the Ridgeview Trail.
I saw 21 species of bird, including three fledgling Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers awaiting a feeding from their parents

I walked in Story Park in Allen on Sunday. I put on my rain jacket as a precaution I found myself walking in rather hot weather without rain. I listened to podcasts: Gretchen Rubin's "Happier" podcast and the "Ask Noah" show. The latter discussed hosting the Southeast Linux Festival virtually. They had to use Zoom because they found open-source tools only 80% reliable. Someday that ratio will change.

Sunday I got in a jag of playing blitz chess game after blitz chess game against bot opponents on I had my rating up over 1400, but through poor play it declined to 1331. That is lower than I hope to achieve. I will try to raise it. My puzzle rating is up to 1703. That is more like it
I also played my first 3-day game, and won after my opponent, down a rook, lost on time.

Things I watched on television lately:

a. Perry Mason on HBO, episode 1, season 1: This prequel explores southern California from a Chinatown-like perspective. It's violent and a bit bawdy, while the old TV show had lots of off-screen violence and unspoken bawdiness. I like it so far okay, though it is too gritty for me.

b. too many episodes of Downton Abbey, a show whose returns I like but I watch very often lately as my local PBS station tries to fund-raised with rerun marathons;

c. D.A. Pennebaker's film "Don't Look Back", a movie that helps show the young Dylan's impact, but also shows the beginnings of the worst things about Dylan, a brilliant artist who attracts a cult following that detracts from his reality through over-mythologizing. I liked seeing the young Donovan, hearing Joan Baez's off-the-cuff singing and seeing all the great mid-60s British styles--not the high fashion or youth counter-culture, but the day-to-day ordinary folks. I liked the movie, but started viewing with a bit of bias about Dylan that the film of course confirmed.

d. Two more episodes of Grantchester. I like the new (second) lead character vicar.

e. Lucy Worsley's program about royal women in the UK. I like the light approach to these.

I sorted the pages and made the spreadsheets to get my family business things to my accountant, who had me correct a couple of spreadsheets.  I am glad to have that done well before the extended deadline of July 15th.

Coronavirus continues to worsen in Texas, apparently spurred in large measure by bars  joining food processing plants, jails and and elder care facilities as hotspots for spread. I see more masks now, but not as many masks as I think I should see.

I have cut my own hair twice, but I need to cut it a third time. I like putting Tang water flavoring in my yeti mug and filling it with water and ice.

I daydreamed of having the virus calm down, renting an isolated cabin, and enjoying a four-day weekend away. Now this may yet happen, but it begins to look like 2021. Yet we are so fortunate in a time so difficult for so many.

My bird list is a bit down--84 for my county this year. Last year was 95 by now. Coronavirus seclusion, I suppose.

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