Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Spreadsheets and a Movie

Saturday morning I walked in Story Park in Allen.  I favor this park because it features wide open spaces (fields by a school) and relatively few people. Yesterday a few other people used the walking paths, but social distancing remained easy I saw lots more mask use on my walk. A local uptick in virus cases may have helped with that result.

Saturday afternoon I did my annual ritual of building spreadsheets to provide to my accountant. I got that paperwork off to him this morning, and already got an email prior to 7 a.m. advising me of their receipt. I also walked for a long time around Glendover Park, where I got a good photograph of a Widow Skimmer dragonfly.

Saturday night we watched the Steve Coogan and Rob Bryson film "the Trip to Greece."  I like this premise--fictionalized versions of the two actors touring a foreign country and ad-libbing a plot. We found the film enjoyable. We also watched two episodes of Dirty John, the story about Betty Broderick. I like the actress Amanda Peet, who always brings a kind of mad whimsy to her roles. In general, though, true crime is not my favorite genre.

The rains Friday night broke the heat, must in time for Summer. This morning I took Beatrice for a walk. We made it a few blocks to the neighborhood poo, and then came back home, She is a fine, very old dog.

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