Yesterday I walked in Salmon Park in Sachse on my way to lunch. I saw  a White-Eyed Vireo. My photo of it failed to inspire me. Last night we  walked on the Ridgeview Trail. When the trail crosses under the Sam  Rayburn tollway, we saw a line of spaced police cars. We assumed this  dealt with a presidential visit.

I get better at the  puzzles. I solve 6 each day. I only get 57% right on the first try. But I  think I am improving, and the rating feature suggests that I am  improving. My blitz chess remains less adroit. I do enjoy a game,  though.

The weather is less like July and more like June. I hope to enjoy it tomorrow. Sunday afternoon I must work a bit

I must resume manual cross-posting to Livejournal, as that feature failed again.


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