Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Twice at Bradfield

Thursday I walked in Bradfield Park in Garland, In half an hour, my bird count was 14 species. Today the same park yielded 8 species. I worked at my office today, and dined on a chicken sandwich and chili from Wendy's.

I solve 6 puzzles most days on My average is that I get 57 percent of them right the first time. I am not doing very well in my blitz chess games. My rating is in the 1300s. That is the 80somethingth percentile, but that is a reflection of the generally non-expert user base.

I've had some nice calls with my sister this week. She is making progress on a new project to set some different roots in place.

The news remains full of turmoil.

from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice
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