Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Pages on ebooks

I got an email reminding me of a LiveJournal anniversary for someone whom I did not know well and who has not been on LiveJournal for nine years. These emails come in from time to time, like semaphore signals from the long-ago days.

I am now on Page 654 of Thor Magnusson's "Sonic Writing."  I began this book in late October. So my progress is something like 654/8, or 82 pages a month. One thing about ebooks. They almost always end before the last page. Contrary to my custom, I looked at the table of contents. I turns out the book ends on page 711, then has 30 pages of end notes, and then is a long bibliography. Perhaps June will be my finish date for this book. I am in the conclusion paragraphs, which neatly tie up the way that technology has changed and yet not changed music.

I worked a bit last night. I will work a good bit today. My assistant is off today, so I am my own secretary. But I often do my own secretarial work anyway.

from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice

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