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quarantine labs

I got a communication from Dreamwidth which suggested that my Livejournal and Dreamwidth passwords may be the same, Fortunately, they were not the same. The Dreamwidth post sought to auto-reset my password unless I took some action. So I changed my password on Dreamwidth. Hopefully, that will solve any issue.

Yesterday I got up early and drove to the medical building at Baylor, Scott & White in on Gaston Avenue in Dallas. I had had a telephonic doctor's check-up a few weeks ago. Now that the lab was up and running, I needed to get my lab work done. The parking lot was nearly empty at 7:30 a.m.  I wore my mask, as did everyone. The elevator was restricted to four passengers, one in each corner. I was the only passenger on board. When I arrived at the 10th floor, I was one of two people checking in for lab work. I was directed to chairs that were spaced apart by taping middle seats.

I dislike having to have blood drawn, as I have a vestige of a fear of needles. My fear dates from childhood, but was exacerbated by a mystery novel I read years ago in which the murder weapon was an empty syringe infecting air. The person who drew my blood was prompt, gentle and professional, though, so I had nothing to fear.

I stopped by One Eleven Ranch Park and walked about in dewy grass. I saw a large Mississippi Kite on top of a huge dead tree. I worked a solid morning, and had soft chicken tacos for lunch.  The drive-through gave me the wrong order, so I went inside. The Sachse Taco Bueno is still drive-through only.  The woman who helped me had already realized her mistake and gave me the right order, which she had ready.

I spoke with my sister in the mid-afternoon.  After work, I walked in A.R. Schell Park in Plano. I saw a Red-Shouldered Hawk on the ground with prey (probably a small snake) in its mouth. It flew into a nearby open space in a thicket. I took its picture.

My lab work came back already. The readings were satisfactory. I worked a bit last night on something requiring extra work.


from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice

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