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Sonic the Slowhog

The news media highlights social gatherings in which masses of personnel defy the requests for social distancing and cognizance of the virus. I find these acts of rebellion unfortunate. At the same time, I know that some workers experience a lack of distancing through workplaces deemed essential but not rendered safe for their workers. Although the meat packing industry receives press coverage, I assume anyplace from a firehouse to nurses' stations pose the same issue.

I go tomorrow to my doctor's building's lab to get that part of my annual check-up done. I experience a little fatigue these days, so I am interested to see if my blood work manifests a physical explanation for this issue.

I redoubled my efforts on Thor Magnusson's book "Sonic Writing", reaching page 609 of 848. This marathon read has proceeded since October 29th.I am working to complete these last 239 pages. The material has never been boring, and it has given me much information and many things to think about in its discussion of music history brought into the computational and generative age. As a music-maker myself, I get intrigued (and on the borderline of a bit put off by) folks who claim to be on a completely new track by engaging in generative music creation. Sonic Writing documents the way these concepts are centuries, and perhaps millenia old.  I am now reading a part about the challenge for study that music presents when electronic music is created by software and in media that may prove ephemeral. But I think that ultimately improved analysis of sound promises to render this issue a by-gone worry. I wish I remember how long it took me to read "War and Peace" for comparison. But that was too long ago. I know that when I re-read "The Lord of the Rings" it takes far less time.

I feel a need to make lists of things to do to make sure that I get things done. A few things dropped off my list of things to do last week, but more things remain ahead of me.

We have a nest of small bunnies in our back yard. I am glad that Beatrice is too old now to bother them. We feed Beatrice canned wet food to keep her weight up. She is growing fur on the bare patches she experienced, albeit slowly, so her medications and medicated baths and ointments show some positive effects.

I must put on a suit and head to my office today. I ordered a more business-like mask than the ones that currently use. The ones I now use I like, but they all have somewhat festive designs.

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