Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

curious little bird at a new feeder

For our anniversary, my wife went to Wild Birds Unlimited. She bought a squirrel-resistant bird feeder. She took the lead during installation. We put the feeder up on Sunday. This allowed my wife to reclaim a garden plant hanger from its use as the small feeder host for a feeder. I bought that feeder in 2018. The old feeder brought a lot of birds to our back yard.

A new, fancier feeder entailed a few moments of doubt. No feeder truly works as feeder until the birds come. Yesterday I saw a timid Carolina Chickadee at the feeder. I knew the feeder fed birds. Today I saw a pair of Northern Cardinals and a Common Grackle.

Tonight we walked on the Ridgeview Trail. I introduced my wife to Genetta, with whose husband I sometimes work. They live one or two neighborhoods over from ours. We stood at social distance and talked for a moment.

We dined on 97% non-fat hot dogs. We watched the movie "Moana." I solved a few chess problems at

Yesterday I went into my office to get something notarized. Then I drove to Federal Express. Everyone wore masks and kept their social distance. I got my package off, which I hope will solve something I look forward to resolving.

Tuesday night I attended the Prairie and Timbers Audubon Society via Zoom video. The preliminary part was about sparrow identification. The main program was about Borneo birds.

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