Chess Talk

For the past several days I find myself  visiting the website Sometimes I play a game of blitz chess  against one of the site bots. Sometimes I play  a game of blitz chess against a human.  Each day I solve tactics  puzzles in which I try to find the right move. More often than not, I  get it right. But often enough, I miss something obvious and get the  puzzle wrong. I have been a free member of this site since 2012, but had  never really done much with the site until now.

Prior to the  site, most of my recent chess games were against DreamChess, a free  chess program that uses a chess engine called Dreamer. Dreamer is a bit  better than I am at chess, but only a bit. So the games are good training.

I  think how I miss playing in live chess tournaments during the age of  coronavirus. But in fact, my last in-person chess tournament was years  ago.  I played in a few United States Chess Federation postal chess  tournaments by webserver in recent years. But when chess tournaments  resume on an in-person basis, I think I will play again.


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