Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

PIckens Lake

This morning I tried out the little headset-to-USB device I got on eBay for roughly 4 dollars. While Zoom failed to pick up my headset mic before, now it picked it up fine. Tomorrow I attend a medical appointment by video via a different service. I hope the workaround works for that. Time promises to tell the things that time chooses to tell. If it fails, my android phone stands ready to substitute for my laptop.

In the late morning, I walked in Green Park in Allen.  I saw ten species of bird. The Blue Jays proved most prominent and photo-willing. I dined on deli turkey and a hamburger bun.

In the afternoon, we drove 40 minutes north to Sherman. We drove to Herman Baker Park. Pickens Lake sits in the middle of this park. We walked the Pickens Lake Trail. The weather proved warm and pleasant. We saw kite flying people flying kites on the grassy dam.  We saw lots of wildflowers. People politely socially distanced. Only I wore a mask. I saw an Eastern Kingbird, my first of that species this year.

Later we went to the Austin College campus and walked. I saw two Mississippi Kites flying overhead. A group of college-girls waded in two fountains. My nephew attended this school for a while,but did not find it to his liking. But I liked the campus.

Our county Covid-19 count today reduced to five, after being forty-one on Friday. The spike on Friday, I assume, arose from a mass infection. But no information emanated from the county on that score.

Though our governor declared Texas partially open with restrictions, local businesses in general move more slowly than than the governor's proclamation.  Some restaurants opened for dine-in subject to strict requirements.

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