Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The Usual Suspects

I slept a somewhat unsettled sleep. When I arose to get my breakfast of Wheaties and 2% milk (the store had been out of skim), Beatrice did not follow her usual practice of getting up with me. 

My wife slept in a bit, so I decided to head to Story Park in Allen. This has become my Saturday "go-to" park, because it has huge open spaces with sidewalks, and it has almost nobody else upon it. I saw 10 species of bird, but none were first-of-year sightings.  I walked and listened to a podcast or two.

I stopped at the Chicken Express drive-up window for fried catfish and corn-on-the-cob. I ate it in the parking lot.

I used to play with an inexpensive music program called FlexiMusic Compossr. It is a sequencer with sound fonts of instrument samples. I got it to install using the WINE (Wine is not an Emulator, this near-Windows-emulator used to say). Everything about it worked except for the user's manual. I left a forum post at the WINEHQ site, as I encounter this issue from time to time and feel it may be a dependency I lack in my software.

In the late afternoon, I walked in Glendover Park. The wind ameliorated a hot day. Our neighborhood park is very easy on the social-distance-inclined. I wore one of the masks I got from Etsy sellers. I am very mask-oriented.

Today new cases of the virus were down from yesterday's high price. I assume the huge jump involved one location, but our news has been silent on that point.

I got us dinner from the curbside service at Jason's Deli. That enterprise used safe gloves and masks. I enjoyed my seafood gumbo and fruit.

Beatrice continues to improve. 

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