Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

cases slowly increasing and pages slowly decreasing

I worked into the early evening. Then we went for a walk at Limestone Quarry  Park. When we went to the right on the path, we passed few other walkers. But when we walked in the leftward direction, we encountered more people than I favor. We managed to keep our distance, but I prefer more empty parks. 

We drove to Rosa's in Frisco to pick up meals at the drive-up window. They do things right there--masks and gloves and minimized contact. When we got  home, we learned that our county had 41 new cases.  That is a sharp increase. Two deaths took place in a senior home. I hope things get in better control.

I have a doctor's appointment by video on Monday morning.

I did not accomplish an April goal. I have been reading "Sonic Writing" by Thor Magnusson a few pages at a time since October. I like the book very well, and I have learned a lot for it. But though it is only 848 pages, I progress through it at a glacial pace. In February I was at 270 pages. Tonight I hit 530 pages or so. While I might consume a novel in 30 to 100 page segments, this one is usually in 10 page segments. Even at that pace, I should have finished in 3 months, had I read it every evening. But I did not. Still, I enjoy the book and mean to finish it. Then I plan to find a quick read or two to read.

Right now the Joni Mitchell Isle of Wight concert is on the television, and Beatrice is asleep on the sofa cover on the floor that is her favorite place.

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