Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Letter from the Past

I've been busy at work. This is both satisfying,and well, busy. in our local park, a Yellow Warbler flits around in the pecan trees. Beatrice's health seems a bit better, though her age remains quite advanced. She goes back to the vet tomorrow.

I thought today about a departed colleague. I made plans to go into my office a few days next week.

This week I got a letter from a kind man. Twenty-five years ago he worked as a Summer Associate in the firm at which i was a young partner in Los Angeles. He was then between his second and third year of law school. I was about ten years along in my practice. He is a public defender now.  He told me that I inspired him to go into litigation.  I had told him, he related, that there ae two types of lawyers--trial lawyers and ribbon cutters. That sounds like something I said back then. Even then, I sometimes drafted transactional "ribbon cut" documents. Now my view of law is less cut-and-dried. But that day for that young fellow, it was an interesting thing to say.

I remember when he worked for us. He seemed to me a good fellow all around. So I was glad to get a letter from him, and to hear he did so well. I must write him back soon.

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