Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Downtown bound

We walked in Allen Station Park after work yesterday. The part of the trail we walk usually stays nearly empty. Yesterday a few people did happen along, but all concerned kept wide berths from one another.  We saw my first Western Kingbird of the year, bringing my annual county species count to 70.  This pace is a bit behind two of the past three years, and a bit ahead of one of the past three years.

Work matters require me to drive to downtown Dallas today to attend an event with a handful of attendees. I dislike the bit of added risk vis a vis the virus. I recognize, though, that other folks in essential businesses take daily risks involving far more than a meeting with a few other people.

I attended one matter in California via the CourtCall service recently. I've used that service for years, and it works pretty well. I felt interested when I got a notice from that vendor that one administrative forum had elected to depart CourtCall and just give each judge a conference line with a password. I see that at least a few commercial conference services face challenges due to volume. I feel a little badly for Zoom, a reasonable way to have a platform-agnostic video chat, as it appears not quite ready for prime time as a business video forum due to security and interoperability issues. The spate of negative articles about Zoom that appeared all at once in different forums looks like in part the work of large competitors. But some critique is warranted.  My WW meetings happen by Zoom,  which would be great except it fails to pick up audio from my headset microphone. I am probably better by comment line anyway. I opened a ticket with Zoom, and heard, as so often happens, nothing after the original "copy of your bug report" instant email.

Our county virus counts look like they might spike up for a moment, but are not heading back down. They remain modest compared to other counties.   Though our county officials proved timid about stay-at-home orders, the local folks stay home on their own. Mask use, though,looks very spotty. Given the relatively light testing, though, it's not clear what our exact situation may be.

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