Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Isn't it puzzling?

We went to Garden of the Groves botanical garden today, a charming place of Bahamian and exotic plants, filled with birdsong and tilapia fish. We return to our hotel, and headlines of North Korean ultimatums and troop mobilizations to Iraq. I could be a million miles from all that. Yet, it comes in by satellite television. The people here in the Bahamas frequently express apprehension; their tourism trade is already down, and war will further damage their principal industry.

I feel so badly for the people of Iraq, who lose no matter what happens. If no war ensues, then they must live under Saddam Hussein. If war ensues, they must live with endless bombing and military loss, as well as multitudes of civilian

I feel that we're missing a paradigm for this situation. All the old models don't really apply--the Neville Chamberlains and Winston Churchills and Vietnams and even Afghanistans don't guide us well here.

I don't know the answers. I'm just watching CNN.

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