Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Virus Weekly

I spent another week working at home, though I did go to my office to pick up some things. I kept my matters working well despite working at home. I feel pleased with the fruits of the planning my firm members and I did when the crisis first came clearly in view. I feel pleased that I keep rolling along.

I usually get busy in the Spring and complain about not seeing as many birds during Spring migration as I feel I ought. This year I confine my walks to nearby neighborhoods---Glendover Park, Green Park, Allen Station Park, and, a bit more distant, Story Park. These parks all lack that much foot traffic so it is easy to stay a long way from people. My bird count steadily increases despite the closer confines. This week I added White-Crowned Sparrow, Killdeer, and Green Heron to the Collin County list, bringing my count for this year up to 67. I usually hit between 100 and 110 distinct species each year.

Last weekend I completed a set of songs constituting some 30+ minutes of music which I call "Seclusion." I plan to release it with Creative Commons licensing in the near future. I believe I placed it with a label, but as always, nothing is done until actual release. Small netlabels and independent labels share a kitchen-table ethic I admire, but until the work moves from the kitchen-table to release, it remains tabled. This work contains both the simple lullaby melodies and curious dissonant plods that constitute my spectrum of sound.

A list of things:
1. My bandanna mask, with rubber bands;
2. My dollar-store wash cloth mask, with a shoestring.
3. My pick-up order at the grocery store, made days ago, ready for pick up Saturday at 4.
4. The Tex-Mex place which got our order slightly wrong.
5. How good it is to spend time with our dog Beatrice, though her issue with fur loss and regrowth, apparently a failure of her hypothyroid medicine to fully remedy her chronic condition, causes a bit of worry.
6. My satisfaction with my home computer system. Until the current crisis, I had let a lot of little issues arise here and there. Given the advantage of necessity, I solved pretty much all of them. I feel pleased that in the past 6 years I have become much more nimble at trouble-shooting computers. I am nobody's expert (in almost anything) but it feels good to solve my own issues.
7. The odd joy of a mcmuffin maker we got for Christmas, which we use a surprising amount of the time.
8. a coming storm for Easter weekend.
9. the uncertainty of the immediate future.
10. The taste of propel powder, which helps me keep from falling down when standing up.
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