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virus intro

The days fly by. The change wrought by the Coronavirus, Corvid-19 restrictions descended on our metroplex today. My own suburban county has had a light load so far, but the near future promises challenges. I feel the way I felt during past life-disrupting historical events.

Friday we went to Tucson to visit my wife's step-mother. I watched the news carefully before we departed. Because both my area and southern Arizona had few diagnosed cases, we decided not to cancel the trip. As the weekend wore on the restrictions began to be put in place in Dallas County. Tonight in nearby Tarrant County, the restrictions tightened. In my home county, Collin County, the restrictions are for a moment a trifle less restrictive, but that will change soon.

In Tucson, I saw colorful and interesting birds, as I do every year. We had a great visit with my wife's step-mother. She has the supplies ready in case she is put in quarantine. I wore out a pair of walking shoes while climbing rocks.  I walked by myself in desert areas in the Catalina foothills. My wife joined me for a couple of other walks.

The planes, usually full of Spring Break celebrators, were 2/3rds full. We appear to have avoided incident.

I saw a car I never saw before called a Karma Revero. I liked blooming desert daisies. I figured out how to solve an issue with my laptop, in which I was unable to mount SD and USB cards. The solution turned out to be a simple software installation.

Today I saw my first Scissortail Flycatcher of the year.

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