Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Cold Rainy Week

Saturday I worked on a couple of work matters. I drove to Russell Creek Park in Plano for a walk. I also walked in Glendover Park. Saturday evening we ate at AKA, a hibachi place. The food was pretty good. Saturday night we started "Parasite", but stopped watching midway through the film. The film was a good film (it won the Best Picture Oscar the next day), but it was a bit of downer for us that night. 

Sunday I walked on Watters Branch Trail. I was slightly up at Weight Watchers, but no big deal. I walked on the Hoblitzelle Trail as well.
In the afternoon, I walked in the afternoon.

I made progress on the ebook I am reading, "Sonic Writing". I begin to pick up the pace a bit. Sunday afternoon I went to the Atrium Arts event at our church. The guitar quartet did a pretty good job, playing classical guitar standards. I only know one or two songs on my can-jo from the set.

Monday through Wednesday involved cold, cold weather. A promise of wintry mix went unfulfilled, but cold rains fell until this afternoon.

Last night my wife went to the Baylor Hospital to stay with a co-worker who needed someone to keep watch, as her husband had to take care of farm animals at home. She is back tonight, a bit exhausted. I only spent one night in a hospital as an adult, but I remember from that and from relatives' stays that sense of never quite getting to sleep due to constant interruption.

Lately I seem to be watching reruns of television shows like Matlock and Columbo. Matlock is a very ordinary show, but I love the way it has 90s hairstyles, shoulder pads, and computer monitors the size of microwaves (my own monitor upstairs is roughly of that vintage)

We talked about vacation plans and visiting relatives.

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