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slow train reading

Last night the weather predicted that this morning promised a wintry mix,  The morning turned out instead a bit above freezing with a cold rain. By lunch, I walked in Salmon Park in Sachse without getting rained on.

Last night I dreamt of vampires. I remember only a little of the dream, but they appeared dressed like a cross between the fictional character Billy Munster and the folk-rock band Mumford and Sons.

I woke at 2:30 a.m. Beatrice came to my side of the bed. I put her up on the bed. She cuddled up with me, which we both enjoyed. I put on the 1955 film "Good Morning, Miss Dove", the sentimental Jennifer Jones vehicle that deals with a beloved teacher. Over the years, I had seen dribs and dabs of this movie over the years, but this time I watched it start to finish. I like decades-of-a-teachers'-life films. I think that part of their appeal for me arises from the narrative thread of passing constants through the generations.

One thing I like about ebook reader programs is the bookmark function. The package I use on a small netbook allows for multiple bookmarks, just as, I suspect, most ereaders or programs do.  I began reading Thor Magnusson's "Sonic Writing" since October 29, a rather lengthy
97 days. In that time, I placed 27 bookmarks but only read 270plus pages. That equates to a bit under a reading session every three days and ten pages per average session.

That reading pace feels very slow to me. Part of this comes from what I read now. I think that a fair bit of my reading time now gets devoted to social media. Aside from that, subject matter matters. When I read a sci-fi, a few hundred pages takes a few days to read. "Sonic Writing" mixes music theory, and philosophy into a deeply enjoyable but much slower-going read.  I wish that I practiced diary entry before the weblog era.

I remain interested in the Weinstein trial, the Iowa Primary, and people who are always and never for a given candidate.

Tuesday I went to my dentist to get a temporary crown to replace a crown that did years of good duty but wore out. Things went well. I wear a termporary crown now.   I knew my dentist in high school. Some of his staff has been with him for decades.

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